Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) Demands Qualified Resources

PeopleICT was in the midst of things when the relatively new developments in ICT industry first got off the ground. As a result, the company is fully up-to-date with the developments in ICT solutions - solutions that continue at lightning pace. This is true for both ICT and other sectors. For this reason, our partners are continually on the lookout for qualified resources for achieving optimal solutions. PeopleICT is the base station where all our clients come for services, resources and for those looking for a career within our services. At PeopleICT, supply and demand come together and we consider it our job to always find the most suitable solution - for people as well as projects.

Working directly and indirectly for Vendors, Operators, Telecom Service Providers and others

Our clients are always looking to improve existing services and to develop new ones. This demands changes and new infrastructures. We are intimately involved in all these processes and provide both services and staff. We warmly invite qualified people interested in making a direct or indirect contribution to an improved infrastructure for ICT or one of the other sectors where we are active to consult our vacancies and register.

Offshore Software Development Services

Trough offshore offices & resources, specializes in Offshore Software Development Services focusing on providing highly qualitative, timely delivered and cost-effective custom software development solutions to its customers. The access to wide network of professionals through provided human resources services and project management capabilities give PeopleICT competitive edge over its competitors.

PeopleICT Outsources Professional ICT Services with people in development

PeopleICT is always looking for specialists. For our own teams and for outsourcing at our clients. We offer excellent working conditions in which challenges and personal development are key. That is why people want to work for and via PeopleICT. Our enjoyment comes from our satisfied clients and the growth of our company. Our people work in the following disciplines:

Our Quality Charter

Selecting high profile consultants

We focus on hiring people with good technical knowledge and the right profile. Our consultants need to be committed, flexible, dynamic, and enthusiastic.

Anticipating technological changes

Our in-house research and development department is characterized both by its creativity and its customer orientation. We are proud to offer our customers up-to-date innovative solutions.

Providing good training

Our Human Resource department makes sure that our consultants provide the right level of service. Through monitoring and feedback, we design tailor made training programs for our staff.