ADTRAN, Inc. is a leading global provider of networking and communications equipment, with a portfolio of intelligent solutions deployed by some of the world's largest service providers, distributed enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. ADTRAN solutions enable voice, data, video and Internet communications across copper, fiber and wireless network infrastructures.


Genaker Cloud PTT (Push to Talk) is an online instant communication service between groups of professionals using mobiles or Smartphones. This service emulates "Walkie-Talkie" style of communication with no delays / limitations over group sizes or coverage. Using the service is very simple, one can speak directly to the rest of the group members by the touch of a button. This kind of communication helps to maximize productivity and coordination of teams.
  • PTT Android, iOS & Windows Mobile Client
  • PC Dispatcher
  • PTT Accessories

About Cumulocity

Cumulocity is a leading provider of 'Internet-of-Things' (IoT) software and solutions. Our origins as part of Nokia Siemens Networks, the world's mobile broadband specialist, gives us the experience of managing networks of millions of devices in a reliable, rapidly scalable and flexible manner. Cumulocity Software-as-a-Service offerings fundamentally reduce complexity and makes 'Internet-of-Things' technology affordable to everyone. Cumulocity has set new industry standards and received innovation awards. Our open, application centric and free to try offering includes our comprehensive developer environment, IoT specific device management and applications in key verticals including retail, industrial Internet and real time tracking.


Complete Enterprise Mobile Device Management Solution (MDM) for smartphones and tablets! (iOS, Android, Symbian and Windows Phone)


Xeda is Aexio's multi-vendor / multi-technology platform that helps you operate your mobile network business. It manages complex environments and ensures advanced network quality management through automatic checks and corrective actions. If you are a network provider and operator, Xeda saves you costs and more importantly adds significantly to your Quality of Service (QoS).


Xeus is a comprehensive solution designed for RF Engineers by RF Engineers. Xeus heightens engineering productivity by providing a PC based solution that intelligently post processes and analyzes multiple network data's, including network configuration data, measurement recording data and drive test data.

Xeus Pro

A complete solution for your optimization needs, Xeus Pro offers more functionalities and features than ever before.