SW Experts is a Software Development and IT Solutions outsourcing company based in Kiev, Ukraine. If you are looking for software developers, quality assurance professionals or would like to outsource IT support and software maintenance tasks of your company, SW Experts can help you set your own dedicated team in Ukraine.
GLOTECH INTERNATIONAL offers services under four categories:
  • Consultancy & Network Planning and Optimization
  • Remote Network Optimization and Network Benchmarking
  • Electronic Hardware Repair
  • Network Implementation
Fotech offers services under five categories:

  • Information (IT) & Network Technologies
  • Telecommunication
  • Cabling
  • Fiber Optic Solutions & Technologies
  • Distribution and International Trade
DEMSISTEM has been established with a special focus on network and application performance management solutions and partnered with two leading companies SevOne Inc. and ExtraHop Networks.
Torada Group offers services in below categories:
  • Cooling & Aircondition solutions 
  • Telecommunication IBS (In-Building) Solutions
  • Special Energy Saving Solutions for GSM Sites
  • Special Wi-Fi Solutions
  • Plane Wi-Fi Coverage solutions
Mobil8 is a leading solution&content provider for the mobile market, which serves operators&subscribers with the latest mobility services.

Mobil8 provides all formats of richest mobile content with the most innovative solutions to market them.
Telcoset's solutions are listed below:
  • System Integration Solutions
  • Corporate System Solutions
  • Network Solutions
  • Datacenter Design and Optimization Solutions
  • Cabling Infrastructure Solutions
  • Business Continuity Solutions